A shelter of wisdom to attain spiritual enlightment that helps you to acquire high clarity on your materialistic life chores, and paves the right path to travel towards Paramathma in your devotional life. Guru Shri. Parthasarathy Swamy educates your soul and awakes your intellectuality that will be the grassroot to lead a prosperous life.

What is Wisdom?

In today’s modern world, people think that wisdom is just acquiring knowledge or being intellectual the definition of our ancestors/siddhars framed for wisdom, is adaptable to every individual. Siddhars and Yogi’s state that “attaining the core maturity stage of knowledge/intelligence is wisdom” and acquiring wisdom demands proper discipline and spirituality found to be the creator of discipline here.

Different dimesnions of Wisdom

Attaining spiritual wisdom consists of different dimensions and our siddhars have depicted them in a simple form to our generations to lead a successful and peaceful life. Here are the four different dimensions on the whole experienced by our siddhars:

Spiritual Dimension

Acceptance seems to be the key to complete the spiritual dimension stage where one must accept the existence of Paramathma, the initial fear towards the almighty gets converted into respect, love then and finally realizing the godly presence within you.

Mental Dimension

The second stage which requires self-evaluation by digging deep inside you and then to respond to your life, it doesn’t require any special IQ kind of intellectuality but demands a proper self-understanding.

Moral Dimension

Moral Dimension involves taking centre stage and classifying the right and wrong irrespective of your involvement in the scenario, classifying the exact right with wrong is bit tricky and complicated as well, but it requires high clarity mind to perform it. A mind that has crossed both the spiritual dimension and mental dimension could only be able to perform it.

Practical Dimension

Facing real-world problems and handling it in a more matured way is involved in this stage, most of us would avoid and run away from tough situations or mess it up completely by making things even worse. Only a few get over the hardships and cross the situations, spiritual wisdom helps to attain that maturity in handling any tough situation and solve it successfully.

How Siddhars Attained Wisdom?

According to the dictionary of siddhars and yogis’ attaining wisdom (spiritually) is a highly challenging task, and it requires unimaginable dedication. Dedication of your entire life, siddhars/yogis dedicated their entire life in attaining spiritual wisdom or Shiksha where it involved learning, un-learning and deep-learning of various spiritual and divine factors ranging from practising a suitable lifestyle to knowing our inner god.

Siddhars used to choose their preferred and perfect location to carry out hardcore meditation and performed several yogas to lead the life of sheer immortality. The pathway took by our rishis, siddhars and yogis are highly tough and complex, but still, they choose it for the sake of future generations.

How to attain Wisdom like siddhars?

Attaining spiritual wisdom like our siddhars is not an easy approach it requires life-time dedication and relevant yogic practices. Guru Shri. Parthasarathy Swamy navigates you in the right path to attain spiritual wisdom and also focus well on your worldly commitments. Best devotional experiences, spiritual practices, philosophical guidelines preached here that makes you human.

Stages of Wisdom 

By experiencing several worldly and divine factors, our siddhars have classified the process of attaining spiritual wisdom into seven stages. Here is how Guru Shri. Parthasarathy Swamy easily explains us these seven stages:

Everyone born on this planet is a material, and hence siddhars call this world as “materialistic world”, accepting the fact about materialism and moving ahead is the first step/stage in attaining spiritual wisdom.


Ego and Fear are the two depriving factors that grow with us, handling them smartly and taking precautionary steps to avoid their growth become important in our life. One must sacrifice their ego with fellow humans and fear of losing to march forward into spiritual wisdom.


It becomes essential to overcome the fear that we face in our lives, the power within us eliminates all the fear and creates a path to progression. The best way to attain power is by gaining spiritual wisdom. One needs a perfect spiritual guru to attain wisdom, and that miracle happens here.


The process of becoming completely human and stepping into the journey of feeling the divine initiates here, giving can be the result of ego or joy. A person might give or help someone to showcase their power (the outcome of ego) or simply makes them feel good.


The inner you get rejoiced the more when you give or help others a lot, this is the stage where you move ahead, and start exploring new things with spirituality. You will be looking at the deeper meaning of life happening around you and start to realize that everything is temporary. This stage makes you seek out spiritual gurus and induce you to learn different books on spiritual wisdom.


Here you will be attaining the complete awareness about yourself, the materialistic world, and the sheer existence of the deity. But still, you are about to find the exact presence of god that makes you search everywhere. This stage makes you feel the existence of the afterworld as well, and it releases the pressure and fear of death from your mind.


The final stage where you will accept and feel the divinity is within you and it just needs to be exhibited, you will be 100% selfless and try to help others in every possible way.


How siddhars helped people?

Not just in the past, siddhars are still guiding us in our lives with or without our knowledge. The one who feels and accepts the influence of siddhars believes that their guidance still does exist. Following the principles of siddhars, one would become cleansed internally and externally, as they have not just preached worshipping but also be physically active with proper physical activities and following eating habits that acts as a healing process as well.