What is Truth?

Being transparent with your thoughts to your closed and reliable peer humans is the truth for most of us or avoiding a falsy life believed to be the truth to some others. But have you ever analyzed “What exactly the truth is”.

Guru Shri Parthasarathy Swamy gives high clarity note on the truth to all the innocence exist in this materialistic world. Swami states that ” The god The eternal almighty always shines as the complete form of truth since there is no start or end to this divine power”.

Truth and God

So how does god shines as the eternal representative of the truth, Guruji clearly explains here that ” The Almighty has been constantly into the existence of being a pure soul and safeguards the entire human clan by navigating them in the right direction to the path of glory”.

The world and Truth

The entire world not just made of geographical landscapes, but it holds soulful humans who carry different emotions and different desires. Majority of us fake few things to our peer human and that’s how the entire human race operates psychologically, digging deep inside we are not true to ourselves and fool us under certain circumstances. Believing these hard facts and accepting that the eternal deity is the only form of truth is the initial step to realizing the divine existence.

Aathma- Jeevathma- Paramathma

  • Aathma

    To enter into the spiritual life, one must know the exact difference between Aathma, jeevathma, and Paramathma to feel the spiritual energy within and enter into the life of spirituality. Aathma, also known as “Soul” is the actual pulse that leads your life, and it still exists even after your death or demise of the human body.

  • Jeevathma

    Jeevathma, on the other hand, is the life that a human leads in this materialistic world, and it exists till over death. Jeevathma solely depends on Aathma, whereas the soul (Aathma) keeps shifting with the shell (earthly body) and resides where it fit in according to destiny.

  • The Paramathma
    The purest, divine and supreme form of soul termed to be ” The Paramathma” who otherwise termed as “The god”. The Paramathma is the originator and controller of all the aathma that exists in this materialistic world in the form of human, animal, reptile, bird and insect.

How Can A Man Be True In His Life?

There are certain exclusive character traits that only human can possess is driving us, humans, empathy, self-analysis, rationalism, equality, kindness, care are those factors. Guru Shri. Parthasarathy Swamy adds truth to the list and strongly believes that it is an essential D-factor that keeps humanity within us. Being true to yourself frames the base of oneness in society and creates a well-built integrated structure of humans ready to help others.

Truth and Materialistic World

Since the almighty is the sheer representation of “The truth” it is believed that truth exists everywhere around us and one needs to be true in their materialistic life and accomplish their deeds properly without fail to enter into the spiritual world and feel the divine truth.  Being sincere to your committed works and words will project you as a true and loyal person in this world, and that’s the only way in attaining completeness of truth in this materialistic world.

Truth and Spiritual World

The one who takes care of their materialistic life duties properly and executes it, without any delay according to the promise, found to be eligible in knowing the existence of truth in spiritual life. The pathway to realize the eternal almighty and the truth in it will be preached here by Guru Shri. Parthasarathy Swamy.