1. In an attempt for world peace, joy, health and economic upliftment, universal brotherhood Guruji have laid out the following objectives:
  1. Work towards eliminating all differences arising on the basis of caste, creed,religion, color, language, and promote love and universal brotherhood among people around the world.
  2. To work towards social, economic and political upliftment of people the worldover.
  3. On the basis of love preach real spiritualism to all the people and remove their ignorance.
  4. To provide relief to natural disasters and relief during times of war and propagate peace to try and prevent wars.
  5. To provide basic education to all the kids, build research facilities and sports facilities for kids.
  6. Create new projects to improve the jobless condition and increase economic stability for people the world over through science and spirituality.
  7. To build a human society based on Love, selflessness and get them involved in world affairs for the improvement of all the people and work towards peace and universal brotherwood. To build training centers for the same.
  8. To preserve ancient antiques and artifacts relating to ayurveda, siddha medicine, yuvani medicine, spiritual materials, astronomy, astrology, nature therapy, arts, scriptures etc and preserve them in museusms the world over.
  9. To preserve the healthy well being of humans, build hospitals using both modern and old school facilities and provide health care.
  10. To fight for justice and rights of people in the low income group and provide them with oppurtunities and improve their life standards.
  11. To use all modern arts and media to promote peace and improvement of life standards of people.
  12. Constructively utilize scientific methodology along with spiritual wisdom to achieve world peace.
  13. To collobrate with several organizations who truly work for protecting and serving people and world peace and upliftment of human society to protect human through just means.
  14. To create a trust that aims at peace, brotherhood, socio economic upliftment using scientific measures, to utlize the mass media like television, internet, news papers etc to spread the word and to involve people the worldover to participate in this work to help and get helped.
  15. To build orphanage, old age homes, place for destitudes.