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Ancestors & Siddhars

Our Tamil tradition has a long history of saints (Siddhars) and their incredible science-based teachings through scriptures, in all the eras, for the betterment of the society. Siddhars, with their great knowledge achieved through yogic life, have given spiritual as well as medicinal solutions for our mind and body. Our ancestors who have perfected their life with deep yoga, called as Siddhar, gained knowledge in various subjects including Astronomy and Siddha Medicine and had unique abilities like controlling their minds and being in a yogic state for days, weeks and even months. They had special healing powers, and people worshipped them as Gods. Agasthiyar, Thirumular, Bogar are some among the 18 well-known Siddhars who imparted great knowledge to our society. Apart from them, it is said that there more than 100 Sidhars lived in our ancient country. Siddha medicine and spiritual dogma of our ancestors are followed through many generations, and are alive today and are making people’s lives better.