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What is Awareness?

Staying aware of your life and your circumstances are highly important to attain the desired goals both in material as well as spiritual life. Guru Shri. Parthasarathy suggests that having clarity in life and planning goals and marching towards it is important for every human to make their existence in this world a meaningful one.

To stay aware in your materialistic life, you need to possess the required discipline, and to stay aware in spiritual life you need to attain a certain level of wisdom. Guruji helps you to achieve your goal in material and spiritual life as well with proper guidance.

How to be 24*7 aware in materialistic life?

The core justification that a human can give to their life is to carry on with it in a completely meaningful way. To lead a meaningful life, one must have goals to achieve and frame their life in a progressive path. Staying aware is the key to lead a meaningful life in this earthly planet, a human must do their basic groundwork to know their perks and setbacks, their likes and dislikes and then set their goal with a perfect strategy to achieve it.

To stay aware human must sacrifice their desires towards meaningless and glimpse things that exist as a bubble around them. A sharp focus on your goal and an undistractable mindset would only help you to achieve your target, deep-rooted meditation can assist you in achieving your goals, and one can learn it here.

How to be 24*7 aware in spiritual life?

People usually confuse or separate both spiritual and material life apart, but the approach, however, remains the same. Material life goal keeps changing, and few of them faces upgradation with it, while a few others keep changing with their end goals.

Concentration, dedication and continuous hard work and efforts on your goal will keep you march forward towards it. When it comes to awareness in the spiritual life, one must first firmly believe that the existence of almighty is the constant and everything else gets changed or diminished one day. Feeling the sheer existence of divine inside and also around us will be your first stage of attaining awareness in spiritual life.

How to be determined with materialistic goals?

Clarity brings in and encourages determination in humans to achieve their materialistic goals one needs to have clarity in their goal(s), the pathway to reach it and the milestones to attain in the mid during the journey towards the goal. Attaining self-care as well as self-evaluation makes one fit, to carry out their journey successfully in achieving their goals.

How to be determined with spiritual goals?

Spiritual goals usually revolve around knowing the god and feeling the divine within us, attaining this spiritual goal is extremely tough, and it needs unimaginable dedication. One must first realize who he/she is completely and then know that there is a bond between them and this earthly factors with god. Approaching a perfect spiritual guru would help you with attaining the desired position or goal in your spiritual life. Guruji remembers and recalls the saying of Tamil ancient poet Avvaiyaar regarding spiritual determination.

பிறவாத நிலை வேண்டும்அப்படி பிறந்தாலும் உன்னை மறவாத நிலை வேண்டும்.”

It depicts that the saint pleads the almighty to take her with him else or to give birth that makes her only the devotee and keeps thinking about the god. Technically speaking both requests are same and hence it reveals how determined she is in reaching the almighty.