Who is Human Explained?

மனம் (Mind) + இதன் (Maturity)  = மனிதன்

Guruji comes up with a perfect explanation for human, where he states that a person having superior maturity level considered human. And that’s why there is a famous saying that there is a huge difference between human being and being human if one needs to be human 24*7 then he needs to use the sixth sense to decide the good and bad.

Evolution of Human

Few people say that humans have evolved from monkey and a few other research states that humans and monkeys got originated from similar ancestors. Whatever may be the theory, humankind has gone through a million years of evolution, and there is no doubt in possessing animal-like character within us. Despite our evolution, we need to stay in the present and be human by improvising our characteristic traits.

Comparing Humans with Peer Living Things

Since humans have a diversified evolutionary background, it is quite common that they display some similar kind of characteristic traits of peer living species:

“உறங்கையிலே பானையை உருட்டுவது பூனை குணம்”

“ஆற்றில் இறங்குவோரை கொன்று இரையாக்கள் முதலை குணம்”

“காண்பதற்க்கே உருப்படியாய் இருப்பதை கெடுப்பது குரங்கு குணம்”

“அனால் மனிதனிடம் இவ்வனைத்தும் மொத்தமாய் வாழுதடா”

Guruji recalls the saying of siddhars here.

Why Humans are Unstable?

When compared with the peer living creatures, the human is a bit different due to the diversified evolution his race has undergone since inception. We know that the entire cow used to think similar and hunting tigers also do think similar to their clan. But, a human is unique from his peer Homosapien physically and very much mentally as well, a human perceives analyses and gather inputs from his surrounding people, and circumstances and that makes him unstable concerning conditions.

How to stay human with sixth sense?

The sixth sense we possess is the only D-factor that makes us stands apart from the animals we human do become or behave like a beast when we lose our temperament. Guruji connects awareness here with the sixth sense and expects that one needs to be highly cautious and aware to maintain and utilize his sixth sense at the right time to avoid chaotic situations.

How maturity makes you human?

Being and staying matured is the only weapon that safeguards any human from the critical situation, a human with a matured mentality is capable of facing tough situations, and also bounce back from its easily. Maturity brings clarity of thoughts, kindness, empathy and patience in a human’s mind. The sole aim of Guruji is to create better humans by preaching superior lifestyle practices that reflect in their eating habits, behavioural traits and approach to life as well.

What siddhars say about humans?

Siddhars the real scientists are continuously monitoring and navigating our humankind without our knowledge, they lived and still living as the best examples to the human race, teaching how one should lead their life? They feel sorry about the race and believe that humans are crossing their limits and getting involved in sinful activities.

Why siddhars are exceptional?

Siddhars considered to be exceptional people were they are born human but lead a divine life in the earth. Siddhars followed the highly disciplined lifestyle that every human wish to lead but fail due to internal or external circumstance. By gaining experience with the trail on their life, siddhars suggest human that one should be true to their fellow Homosapien, responsible in their work, have neat and clean habits, and possess helping nature as well.

What is real knowledge and how to acquire it?

The real knowledge lies in acquiring wisdom by staying wise, the sheer truthfulness that one exhibits considered as real knowledge. Guru Shri Parthasarathy Swami wishes to convert people, well-respected humans, by uplifting their character. Corresponding teachings and preaching are given to like-minded people who are willing to upgrade themself as a better person. Practices here vary from suggesting best food habits to meditation practices that bring in discipline and concentration to focus on goals.

Acquiring the right knowledge?

Guruji walks through the five different stages for everyone if his followers to achieve the right knowledge and attain glory in their life:

  • 1

    Eradicating the ignorance of unproductive and trashy desires from our mind
  • 2

    Preaching the value of selflessness, knowledge gaining and humanity
  • 3

    Teaching the best practices to attain psychological maturity
  • 4

    Navigating followers in the right pathway to attain knowledge and glory
  • 5

    Knowing the real meaning of human or who you are?


Current Societal Setbacks

Current society has a lot of setbacks with it, and Guruji is highly worried about our society and especially todays millennial. Guruji depicts that most of today’s youngsters are becoming inhuman and goes apart from the discipline line they are getting involved in unproductive activities and destroying their future. Humans together are losing the essence of humanity within them and turning out to be the beast.

How Human is getting mislead in life?

Majority of us are getting mislead in our life according to our demographic profile in terms of greediness to money, women, fame and power. The extremism of greediness leads to sinful actions that a human approach in their earthly life. Human today doesn’t get proper guidance or navigation like his ancestors in the earlier period that made them wise people and siddhars. Most of us aim to attain the material things either doesn’t belong to us or, we approach a completely wrong footpath in achieving our desires that lead to misery.

Current Societal Injustice

Injustice in society keeps increasing every day the peak of selfishness exhibited by human leads to social injustice, and it has always been the root cause. We can hear a lot of news on molestations, sexual tortures, high-tech robberies, and murders as well. The loss of humanity and the animalistic behaviour of us have now resulted in these sinful activities.

Is Human Desired to be Human?

Every one of us wishes to be a good person, and it makes us feel better when people who surround us talk good things about us. But the greed, selfishness and materialistic desires induce us to do sinful and criminal activities that separate us apart from humanity. Humans always put under the dilemmatic situation and forced to select the wrong path to satisfy his surroundings or to attain temporary relief.

How money and other material aspects control human?

Humans got tightly bounded with money and other materialistic aspects that make him travel in a sinful pathway. Today’s youngsters are ruining their life by getting addicted to alcohol and other drugs. The addiction to these harmful things deviates and disturbs the mind and controls it to do any criminal activities. The addiction to money, drug and women drives human crazy and stimulates the horrific character resides within that performs all the worst activities in society.

How to develop good human characteristic traits?

It is not impossible to get through with the sinful thoughts and activities that a man got involved in his entire life, but it demands commitment and dedication to get transformed. Initially one must get the guidance of a proper guru, who can navigate him in the right path with philosophies and best practices. Moreover, self-discipline is vital here and considered to be the key factor in driving a sinful human to the transition of pure soul.

A human must physically and mentally practice a good lifestyle that frames the foundation in attaining the peak of purest sole desired by him/her. The guidance from a proper guru will be a catalyst and a timely lamp that keeps you moving on to the goal of attaining the purity in life.

How you get benefitted here?

Guruji helps you to lead a perfect life that you desired and assists you in getting rid of all the sinful activities, his spiritual and philosophical preaching are highly valuable and hence gives clarity in your life with determining your goal and framing the best strategy to achieve it earlier. Guruji preaches various meditational and why not the best routine lifestyle that would make anyone sharp focused on their life and converts them as the purest soul that achieves milestones and a great helping hand to the society.


What is Worshipping?

Guruji gives a clear explanation to worshipping, where he firmly believes that worshipping must be an outcome of soul dedication to Paramatma and not just gathering in a spiritual place or unwillingly chanting manthras or prayers.

Different forms of Worshipping

Being a land of diversification, one can find different forms of worshipping practices in India, people in this land of tradition and culture naturally possess the required freedom in their worshipping formats based on their origin.

  • Idol Worshipping

    Idol worshipping is the major form practised in this land due to the existence of diversified religion since the majority population of this country involves in idol worshipping it is found widespread.
  • Formless Worshipping

    The sheer existence of diversification gets highly respected in this land hence; formless worshipping also gets practised widely by different group people according to their region, culture and lifestyle habits. Even in formless worshipping, there are several categories do exist according to the religion of the people.
  • Worshipping of Lights

    Spirituality and religion go hand in hand and they come out with interesting and surprising facts when we dig much deeper, there are people in India who worship lights, and believe that God exists in the form of light.
  • Nature Worshipping

    People in India got highly connected with nature, and hence there still exists the practice of nature-worshipping, even if we look at some of the rural community people and tribal people they do worship the nature god and goddesses sincerely which is certainly a diversified addition to our culture.
  • Ancestral Worshipping

    Worshipping of ancestors cannot be seen in any other part of this world except the Indian nation; we do respect and worship our ancestors because of the lifestyle they have led as an example admired even by people from foreign soil.
  • Culture-based worshipping

    Culture is not just a word in Indian tradition but it is a part and parcel of our daily life, culture-based worshipping is widespread in our country and it gets practised by everyone irrespective of their community and religion.

Different Types of Worshipping

Guru Shri. Parthasarathy Swamy broadly classifies worshipping into two categories, and he identifies human maturity based on the worshipping method they approach. Internal (agam) and External (Puram) worshipping are the only two approaches humankind practices to connect with the god.

Connecting internal and external worshipping

External worshipping is the practice of praying god by visiting the worshipping centre and chanting prayers, whereas internal worshipping is all about praying god within our mind, both these approaches meant to reach the feet of God.

Maturity and Worshipping

Guruji firmly believes that maturity with devotion comes out when a person admits that our mind is the best spot of worship and we need to cleanse our soul and mind to make it a perfect place of residence for the deity.

Why human needs freedom to worship?

One must have the freedom to worship says Guruji, and it is equivalent to the choice of food and clothing they opt where the right to worship depends upon the individuals’ lifestyle and approach to life and the god even accepts the one who hates him but still kind and helpful to his peer humans.

Worshipping and Paramathma

Guruji brings in Lord Shri Krishna Paramathma into the context here and remembers his sayings, Lord Krishna says that whatever form of god you worship I will be there within the god and I being the supreme lord will be protecting and fulfilling all your prayers in a different form.

Reaching Paramathma (Samathi Nilai)

சமம் +ஆதி =சமாதி

The process of our human soul (Jeevathma) getting combined with the supreme lord (Paramatma) is called Samadhi. Most of us wrongly depict that Samadhi is the state of attaining death, but, it is the method of our soul and mind getting mixed with the eternal deity.

Worshipping methods of Siddhars

Guruji firmly believes and suggests us to follow the worshipping methods of siddhars who sensed and felt god within them they are the one who made the most logical approach to spirituality and left behind strong footmarks for their successors to lead a prosperous life powered by spirituality.

Siddhars contribution to temples

Temples are not the place created by the god; instead, it got created by established rulers under the direction of siddhars. Siddhars are the one who completely felt god, and they established temples with the power they attained to help the forthcoming generations to attain the blessings of God.

God resides in man-made temple?

To direct the human race in a proper path and protect them from any pandemic situations siddhars created temples and gave all their powers to the god statue that built in those days, the siddhars have made a lot of experiments and finally concluded the right pathway in which we just need to travel.

Science and worshipping ways

Our siddhars are not just saints who worshipped the almighty instead, they are the supreme scientists who invented a lot of scientific exploration thousands of years ago, and the one significant factor is the invention of plants, our siddhars used to approach science, life, and spirituality together and there lays our traditions uniqueness.

How siddhars direct us in the right path?

எப்பொருள் யார்யார்வாய்க் கேட்பினும் அப்பொருள் மெய்ப்பொருள் காண்பது அறிவு

Thiruvallur clearly states that one should not bluntly believe in other words instead, he must possess the knowledge to analyse it and follow the right one. Guruji worships Thiruvallur as a renowned siddhar who gave us the priceless Thirukkural that can navigate us in any situation of life.